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1910 Loch Haven Dr. Roanoke, VA 24019

s_pet_care.jpgOur Pet Care Attendants are responsible for making sure that the four legged friends we have staying here at Hanging Rock Animal Hospital are well cared for and comfortable.

Their focus is on the overall well being of each and every animal that is in the hospital on any given day. They are in charge of walking, feeding, and many other general duties associated with the care of your pet.



web_photos_107.jpgHi, my name is Tree and I joined the Hanging Rock team in June 2008. 



web_photos_107.jpgAndrew is originally from South Africa and has been with Hanging Rock since April 2013. He is studying to be a veterinary technician. He enjoys working with animals of all kinds, but especially dogs. At home he has an Australian Shepherd named Sam Houston, and 2 cats named Little Cat and Apollo.


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