Becoming an Accredited AAHA Veterinary Practice

As a pet parent, it may surprise you to learn that animal hospitals are not required to be accredited. In fact, each state has its own regulations on veterinary practices and some are more or less stringent than others, meaning standards vary across the nation. To unify veterinary practices under an umbrella of standards, the American Animal Hospital Association created their standards of excellence. Yet, accreditation under these standards is still not required and accredited hospitals only make up about 15% of all the animal hospitals in the US. Our priority is to give Roanoke pets and their owners the very best that veterinary medicine has to offer. That is why we decided to pursue accreditation and become an AAHA veterinary practice.


What Accreditation Means for Pet Parents

As a pet parent, you want the best for your companion, but it can be hard to judge which animal hospital can meet your needs. With an AAHA veterinary practice, you know that their standards meet the highest of the industry. Choosing an AAHA-accredited hospital means your pet is in skilled, compassionate hands. Their standards of excellence cover some 900 elements of a practice including:

  • Cleanliness and hygiene
  • Surgical equipment and monitoring
  • Anesthetic protocol
  • Vaccinations
  • Pain management
  • Client relationships
  • And much more!

Not only do we meet these standards once for accreditation, but we undergo an evaluation every 3 years to ensure we continue to meet their expectations.


Everyone here is so sweet and kind! They love your pets like they are their own and actually listen to you!! They always give my babies great care!! Thanks guys for being so great!!

- Kristin P.

Dr. Todd is awesome. Whether it's holistic care, dietary changes, or simply his ability to CONNECT with both the patient and the owner, we have been 100% satisfied with the level of care provided.

- Patrick K

My wife and I have taken our pets to Hanging Rock AH for nearly 13 years . Without a doubt , the entire staff is extreme friendly, compassionate, and caring. After your first visit , you are greeted by name (which is great ) and everyone genuinely appreciates your business but most importantly, shows compassion and care for your pet(s) that unparalleled. We feel like we are family

- Scott V

Wonderful pet care and kind staff!

- David B

My family has taken all our pets there, in Emergency situations too. The staff is so kind, and the competent. I am so happy they have always been the best


- Charlene G

I have been taking my pups to Hanging Rock for years and have never been anything but confident in the care they received. From my senior pup, that I have since lost; to my newest addition. Dr. Todd and Dr. Honeycutt are the best!


- Delores J

Choose AAHA

At HRAH, we believe all pets deserve the best and we are dedicated to providing the highest standards of care. Want to see an AAHA-accredited practice up close? Contact us to schedule a tour of our practice!

Schedule an appointment today and experience the AAHA difference!


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