COVID-19 Statement from the
Hanging Rock Animal Hospital Team

The following is an update on our policies and procedures in our efforts to protect our clients, staff and families in keeping with the CDC and Virginia Governor’s recommendations concerning slowing the spread of COVID-19 and still be able to serve the needs of our clients and patients:


1. We plan to remain open during our normal business hours. To prevent social contact, we are not allowing clients to enter the clinic. We are requiring all clients to call from the vehicle when they arrive. Our phone number is on the door in case clients do not have it at the ready.
Please knock if you do not have a phone with you. We will decide at that time how we want to proceed with your appointment.

2. We are still offering regular appointments as well as our day admission appointments in the following ways:

  • Pet only appointment – you will stay in your car and inform us of your arrival in our parking lot by calling (540) 562-4596. A team member will then come to retrieve your pet from your car. The Doctor will call to discuss diagnoses and treatment plans over the phone, and pets will be returned to owners with all medications and an invoice. Invoices can either be paid over the phone from your car or a team member can take payment into the clinic.
  • Pet only day admission – admission works the same as above with your pet staying with us for the day. You can complete paperwork in your car or we can email you the estimate and paperwork to complete prior to your arrival. You may scan it and email it back to us or hand it to us from your vehicle when you arrive with your pet.
  • We can arrange payment over the phone for medication refills, food and other supplies and bring them out to your car when you arrive, or pay in the parking lot. If you are currently purchasing your pet’s medications from a human pharmacy and would like to avoid possible contact with sick humans at the pharmacy, please call us. We may be able to provide those medications or special order them for you. Our Online Pharmacy is
    also an option for pets who don’t need medication immediately, although there is an option for next day shipping for an additional cost. We are happy to help you set that up. Our online pharmacy link is

3. Considering that so far, there has been no evidence that pets are able to transmit the virus back and forth with humans, our concern is the spread of the virus from one person to another by contact with each other or contaminated surfaces and objects. (Please note, by kissing your pet’s face you may be creating a contaminated surface.)
Therefore, we ask the following of you:

  • That any pet that is brought in is only accompanied by one owner whenever possible.
  • If you have any respiratory signs (scratchy throat, cough, congestion, shortness of breath) we ask that you send someone else with your pet and utilize the pet only appointment above.

*People that are already suffering from a respiratory illness (allergies, bronchitis, etc.) may be at increased risk for complications due to COVID-19. And since testing is not currently easily accessed, there may be many more people with mild signs of the virus than we realize.

  • If you have traveled to any affected areas or are in close personal contact with anyone who has, or if you are ill with respiratory symptoms or have a fever, please reschedule your appointment if it is not urgent or have a friend who has not been exposed bring your pet on your behalf.

4. We are asking all team members to follow the CDC’s guidelines regarding personal travel and hygiene.


5. We are asking all team members who exhibit flu-like symptoms to stay at home and consult with medical professionals.


6. We will continue to clean/disinfect our exam rooms between appointments, our reception area as well as our entire hospital. We will be increasing our cleaning frequency and ask for your patience during this time.


7. Any team members that are considered at-risk may be wearing a mask. Do not be alarmed, this is to protect them. If they were a risk to our clients, they would not be present as we are asking all our team members who exhibit flu-like symptoms to stay at home.

We know that things change day-to-day, but our team is here for you and your pets. Stay safe!