Nellie's Fund

Hanging Rock Animal Hospital has offered a resting place for homeless animals over the years for several animals that were unable to be cared for, abandoned or unwanted. It all started many years ago with Nellie, our first “hospital cat.” She was left just inside the hospital’s front door in a carrier with a note that read, “This is Nellie and she is old and has forgotten where her litterbox is, and needs to be euthanized.” As it turned out, she had a very serious urinary tract infection, she was appropriately treated and her health was restored! Since we were not able to find another forever home for her, she went on to live seven more years, with love and comfort at Hanging Rock Animal Hospital. Those that knew her remember her favorite spot was in a sunbeam in the hospital’s treatment room, where she would greet everyone who came by. Nellie, who was a ray of sunshine herself, inspired us to start “Nellie’s Fund” to help other animals in need, in remembrance of our special girl.