Pet Diagnostics in Roanoke for Understanding Your Pet Better

Your pet is multidimensional. A physical exam alone would never be enough to comprehend their whole health. In order for us to evaluate your pet from every angle, we use pet diagnostic tools that help us see much more than meets the eye. From our laboratory capabilities to our advanced imaging equipment, few conditions or illnesses go undetected.


Our High-Tech Laboratory

We can do just about any lab test right on site while you wait. Faster results mean a faster diagnosis and therefore faster treatment. We use laboratory testing for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is part of your pet’s preventive plan. For instance, blood work taken while they are healthy helps us to better understand the changes when they are ill. Many other tests can be done to evaluate your pet’s full health including:
• Complete blood count (CBC)
• Blood chemistry evaluation
• Urinalysis
• Fecal exam
• Histopathology
• Skin biopsies
• Cytology (skin cell analysis)
• And more!

Advanced Digital Radiography

When it comes to seeing below the surface, few imaging technologies are as crystal clear as digital radiographs. Much more efficient than their predecessor, digital X-rays are fast, use much less radiation and are vastly more detailed. Plus, it’s easy to share our images with you and other veterinarians for specialty care when needed. We may use digital X-rays to evaluate:
• Bones
• Gastrointestinal tract
• Respiratory tract
• Heart and lungs
• Kidneys and bladder
• And more

Ultrasound Technology

In addition to X-rays, our other form of imaging technology is ultrasound. It is a completely harmless procedure that uses ultrasonic sound waves to create a live image of your pet’s insides. Ultrasound is particularly useful for:
• Examining the abdominal cavity
• Evaluating organ function
• Locating an ingested foreign body
• Checking on a pregnant pet and her litter
• Analyzing the heart (echocardiogram)
• And more