Ready for a New Pet? Ask Us About Pre-Pet Counseling in Roanoke

Becoming a new pet owner is a joyous affair! Adding a furry member to your family can bring a lot of happiness, fulfillment and challenges, too! Being an owner is a whole new level of responsibility and requires the appropriate preparation. Before you commit to a new family addition, set up an appointment for pre-pet counselling with our team. We have loads of insight to share with you about choosing a companion that will suit your family and complement your lifestyle.

Things to Consider When Choosing a New Dog or Cat

Many factors go into choosing a dog or cat that not only meets your expectations but fits nicely into your lifestyle and family life, too. Pets deserve the very best care throughout their lives, so make sure you are able to take care of their needs from the day you bring them home, to the day you say goodbye. Important points to consider when choosing your new pet include:



How long is your pet likely to live? Will you and your family be able to care for them for the next 10, 15 or even 20 years? Most pets are a long-term commitment!


Different breeds of both cats and dogs have different needs. Some dog breeds, such as the Australian Shepherd, demand a lot of both mental and physical stimulation to be happy, healthy pets. Others, like a Maltese, are lap dogs who will love to just curl up in your arms. The same dispositions are true for cats. A Siamese is likely to be more playful and active than a passive, peaceful Persian.

Training Commitment

Bringing a new pet home, particularly a puppy or kitten, requires extensive commitment. They need to learn the ropes of their new home, where to toilet, when they’re going to be fed, etc. Setting up boundaries and training your pet with compassion when they are young will set you both up for a fulfilling life together. As they age, training can help your bond to grow stronger and will stimulate your pet both mentally and physically!

Time for Exercise

Your new dog will likely need to be walked three times a day, while your new cat will need exercise and play time at least once a day. Are you or someone in your family able to perform these duties? If not, you might want to consider a lower maintenance pet, such as a parakeet or small rodent.


It’s no surprise that pets need to eat every day, and their dietary needs change as they age. Additionally, they’ll need leashes, collars, toys and most importantly, regular veterinary checkups throughout their lives. You need to prepare your pet budget and make sure you have ample resources to be able to meet all their needs (and cover unexpected costs, too).

Helpful Pet Links

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The points above offer a great starting place for you to think about your decision for adopting or purchasing a new pet. Consider all your options, do your research into different breeds and their needs and of course, come talk to us! We can offer you more insight and answer any questions you may have with our pre-pet counselling services. Please call us today at (540) 562-4596 set up an appointment!