Dog Training in Roanoke is More than Learning Commands

Puppies need a lot of enrichment when they are young. The more diverse experiences they have at this age, the better prepared they’ll be as they grow older. One of the most important aspects of development is dog training your puppy for socialization. Your pup needs to learn the ropes and be able to interact well with other dogs and other people, too! What’s more is that your puppy isn’t the only one learning, you are as well. At our animal hospital in the Roanoke Valley, we offer puppy socialization classes at no cost to current clients. These sessions help your pup become familiar with other dogs, other people and the animal hospital setting, too!

Dog Training in Roanoke, VA

Our Dog Training and Puppy Socialization Classes

Our dog training classes are held on the second Saturday of every month and are designed to get your puppy used to playing and feeling comfortable in a new environment. Too often, pets develop negative associations with the animal hospital. Giving them the opportunity to play and socialize in this setting can help turn a negative into a positive. Additionally, it allows your pet to interact with other puppies in a controlled environment. They learn their boundaries with other dogs, the etiquette of play and all sorts of puppy social rules all on their own. Plus, the presence of other people helps them become more trustworthy of unfamiliar people and us, too!

Puppy Training Classes

Education for Owners

Puppy training isn’t just about the dogs, it’s about you, too! Whether this is your first puppy or you’re a veteran dog owner, every pet is slightly different with various needs and behaviors. During our dog training and puppy socialization classes, we’ll be happy to go over basic house-training rules such as setting boundaries within the home, potty training, crate training and more! Come with questions, and we’ll provide the answers!

These events are held monthly.  Please ask us for more details and to enroll your puppy! Remember, classes are free to current clients!