Pet Services

Looking for veterinary services in Roanoke?

Hanging Rock Animal Hospital offers a wide range of veterinary services for pets including the following:

  • Comprehensive Preventive Care: to keep your pet healthy with preventive diagnostics and care such as vaccines
  • Individualized Vaccine Protocols offer immunization and preventives based on your pet’s lifestyle and risk levels.
  • Economical Early Detection Packages are available for healthy patients to help with prevention and early intervention.  This often leads to better quicker outcomes which can decrease financial obligation.  We have different packages to meet the specific needs of your pet based on their age.  From puppies and kittens to our lovely seniors, we can keep them healthier longer with comprehensive prevention and early detection of hidden problems.
  • Surgical Services: Our hospital offers soft tissue surgeries such as spay and neuter,  abdominal exploratory, and mass removals.  We also offer orthopedic surgeries such as cruciate repair, luxating patella repair and fracture repair.  Oral and Dental surgeries are performed here as well.
  • Radiography: Digital radiography/x-rays completed in the hospital are another diagnostic tool that aides in identifying injury or illness.  These digital images can be sent instantly to a specialist for evaluation if needed.
  • Comprehensive dental services include preventive dental cleanings as well as more comprehensive procedures to remove infection and disease from your pets mouth.  These procedures can include digital dental radiography, extractions, sub-gingival and periodontal infection removal and oral surgery.
  • Acupuncture is offered alone or in combination with other treatments.  It’s been proven to increase well-being and aide in the treatment of many illnesses.
  • Holistic/Homeopathy: A treatment option that’s been proven to increase well-being and enhance patient care.
  • KLaser: Laser light is used to decrease pain and improve healing time in many common medical conditions with no adverse side effects like those associated with drugs.
  • Nutrition Counseling is available to complement preventive care, manage weight, or address special medical needs such as allergies, organ dysfunction, and thyroid disease.
  • Complete Laboratory Services: We run many laboratory tests while you wait which lets us begin treating your pet sooner.  We also use several state-of-the-art laboratories which return results in as little as 24 hours.  Complete blood counts, blood chemistry evaluation, urinalysis, microscopic fecal exams, and histo-pathology are just a few of the available services.
  • Respectful Chemotherapy is used in cases where we can improve the quality of life of our patients and their caregivers.  This allows us to minimize the severe and unpleasant side effects usually associated with human chemotherapy.

If you’re ready to see our expert veterinary team in Roanoke, call Hanging Rock Animal Hospital today at 540-562-4596 or make an appointment now.