Making Dog and Cat Surgery in Roanoke Safer and More Effective

When an owner is faced with surgery for their beloved companion, it can be a very scary thing. Luckily, veterinary medicine has advanced significantly in the last few decades to make dog and cat surgery safer and more efficient. As an AAHA-accredited hospital, our team and facility are held to very high standards. At HRAH, pets of the Roanoke Valley get the best in both surgery and recovery. We use an exact anesthetic protocol for your pet as well as an extensive monitoring system to make sure we never miss a beat. Our surgical team performs a variety of both soft tissue and orthopedic procedures, so there’s little we can’t do for your pet.

Safety and Comfort in Every Procedure

When your dog or cat needs surgery, we’ll always have an in-depth discussion with you about their options, so we can make the best choice together for you and your family. Anesthesia is an important part of the surgery, and for each procedure, we take every precaution to ensure the utmost safety and comfort from start to finish. With their surgery, your pet will receive the following services:

  • Pre-anesthetic blood work. This allows us to ensure your pet is free of any underlying conditions that could affect anesthesia. It also gives us valuable information that helps us personalize your pet’s anesthetic protocol.
  • IV catheter for fluid therapy. An IV catheter allows us to provide warmed IV fluids throughout the procedure that help hydrate your pet and stabilize their blood pressure. With it, we can also administer pain medication directly.
  • Modern monitoring equipment. Throughout the procedure, we monitor your pet’s vital signs including blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, respiration rate, pulse oximetry and more.
  • Highly-trained veterinary technicians. Your pet will have a technician with them from the moment they are admitted to the moment they are discharged. The technician’s sole duty is to ensure safety and comfort throughout their stay with us.
  • Pain management. Your pet receives pain medications before, during and after their procedure to reduce their amount of discomfort. We can also add in laser therapy to reduce inflammation and speed healing.

Common Soft Tissue Cat and Dog Surgeries

Soft tissue surgeries refer to any procedure that does not involve bone. We commonly perform soft tissue cat and dog surgeries to remove lumps and bumps, resolve any problems dealing with the eyes, nose, and ears, or correct any issues with the gastrointestinal tract. Below is a list of common surgeries we perform:

  • Mass removals
  • Ear hematomas
  • Spay and neuter
  • Cystotomy
  • Eye surgeries
  • And more!

Common Orthopedic Surgeries

Orthopedic surgeries are those that involve the bones and joints. We perform these surgeries to correct degenerative conditions such as luxating patella as well as to treat injuries such as fractures. Common orthopedic surgeries include:

  • Fracture repair
  • CCL (cranial cruciate ligament) repair
  • Luxating patella repair
  • Femoral Head Osteotomy (removal of the head and neck, or “ball,” of the femur to treat hip dysplasia)

For very complex surgeries, we will refer your pet to a board-certified specialist so that they receive the specialized care that they deserve.

Do you want to know more information about cat and dog surgery? Please contact us today!