Wellness Exams for Pets in Roanoke: Helping Pets Stay Healthy

Your pet’s health depends on a number of factors, many of which we can’t control because a lot of it falls to you! Your pet’s preventive care starts at home with good housing, appropriate nutrition and keeping them safe from worldly dangers. When it comes to vaccines, catching diseases, parasite prevention and other preventive care measures, we’re here to help. At Hanging Rock Animal Hospital, we emphasize preventive care to keep pets of Roanoke and beyond healthy and help them avoid illness in the first place. Our wellness exams for pets are designed to give your pet the best chance at a long and happy life with you.

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Wellness and Nutrition at Every Life Stage

Pets age far quicker than we do, which means conditions develop faster, too. Preventive care for puppies and kittens evolves constantly, through to your pet’s golden years. Each life stage requires different focuses. Additionally, diet plays an important role for your pet throughout their life, and diet changes can make a world of difference as your pet ages. Our veterinarians can develop a specialized diet plan to match your pet’s needs during every life stage.

Puppy and Kitten Care

If you’ve welcomed a new puppy or kitten to your family, we’d love to meet them! Puppies and kittens are vulnerable as their immune systems are too immature to protect them from serious, easily preventable diseases. That’s why it’s essential to start them on vaccinations at an early age, usually about 6-8 weeks. Additionally, intestinal parasites are common in puppies and kittens, so we will perform a microscopic fecal exam to detect any intestinal parasites. Treatment involves deworming and parasite preventives. We will also talk to you about spay and neuter options. Check out our puppy and kitten wellness programs.

Adult Dog and Cat Care

While wellness exams as newborns are all about setting your pet up for a healthy future, regular preventive care during their adult years is all about maintaining their health. Your pet’s wellness depends on consistency, and we recommend bringing them to the vet annually. At their wellness exam, we will perform a physical assessment, update vaccinations as needed and ensure they have proper parasite prevention.

To help you manage your adult pet’s wellness care, we offer Early Detection Plans for cats and dogs.

Senior Dog and Cat Care

As pets reach their senior years, they often need more consistent care. Many age-related conditions that affect us can also affect them. These include arthritis, cancer, heart disease, hormone disorders and more. Baseline diagnostic testing before your pet is a senior helps us better analyze any changes in their health that could point toward one of the conditions listed previously.

Similar to adult pets, you can enroll in Early Detection Plans tailored to your senior pet’s needs.

Schedule a Pet Wellness Exam Today

Annual wellness exams keep your pet in top form throughout their lives. With regular veterinary visits, we’re able to catch problems early and treat them more effectively, which benefits your pet and cuts down on costs, too! Contact us today to schedule a preventive care exam.