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Clinical Admissions

For your convenience, we offer day-admission appointments for your pets Monday through Friday.  These appointments are great for pets that  might need preventative care or medical attention, with the convenience of dropping them off in the morning to pick up later that day.  When you admit your pet for the day it allows us the flexibility to work at their pace.

During your dog’s stay your pet will be housed in a comfortable & roomy run with a blanket sprayed with synthetic pheromones (Adaptil) while relaxing music plays in the background. Your pup will be walked multiple times during the day, depending on length of stay.

During your cat’s stay, your pet will be housed in a cozy cage lined with a soft blanket, sprayed with synthetic pheromones (Feliway) while gentle music plays in the background. in the quiet cat ward.  Cats love to hide, so often we will cover the door with a blanket or provide a hide for the kitty during their stay.

For drop off appointments we require that your pet is current on an annual exam by one of our Doctors, distemper & rabies vaccinations and a negative fecal test. In  most circumstances we can update these things during your pet’s stay. We do not recommend these drop off appointments for puppies & kittens who have not received their rabies vaccination and have not yet completed their distemper series. Since we are fear free certified, we encourage you to leave your pet with something from home that would make them more comfortable.   If your pet is highly anxious or fearful admitting your pet for the day may not be a good option for them.

Please contact us today if you would like to find out more or schedule an appointment!