We Are Green!

Animal Hospital adheres to the American Animal Hospital Associations recommendations to conserve and protect our world. This standard states…

The practice utilizes a business philosophy that promotes environmentally friendly practices. The philosophy includes what steps the practice takes to reduce its environmental impact (i.e., recycling programs, high efficiency appliances or other energy saving ideas), how the practice team is trained, involved and encouraged to reduce waste, and how the “green” philosophy is shared with the team and clients.

In support of this philosophy Hanging Rock Animal Hospital…

– uses sustainable compostable pine cat litter – It is all natural and contains no chemicals or dust for your cat to breathe in. It also helps the environment, as this cat litter is made from kiln-dried shavings reclaimed from lumber production.

– uses high efficiency Energy Star washers and dryers. Visit http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm to learn more about energy star ratings.

– uses eco-friendly Ecolabs products in our washer to reduce waste and minimize residue to keep your pets laundry clean and safe. Visit http://www.ecolab.com┬áto read about this companies Green Seal and commitment to the environment.

– lights the hospital primarily with natural light through sky lights and many large windows. This saves energy and provides a more comfortable environment for you pets. Our surgical suite is outfitted with a high efficiency energy star LED lighting. Visit http://greenliving.about.com/od/architecturedesign/tp/led_lighting.htm to learn about the benefits of LED lighting. Supplemental lighting throughout the hospital is energy efficient fluorescent lighting. Used light bulbs are properly disposed of through community hazardous waste programs. Read more about community hazardous waste collection and recycling at http://www.rvra.net/.

– traded in our trash dumpster for a “green” recycling dumpster from Waste Management. We have reduced our trash production by at least 75% by recycling almost all of the items we used to throw away. Visit http://www.thinkgreen.com/home to view extensive information on recycling and the “green” movement.

– recycles anything and everything that can be recycled in our area. Everything from light bulbs, batteries, paper, all plastics, glass, metal, Styrofoam and much more!! We accomplish this through community programs, cooperation with other area businesses, and our new recycle dumpster!

– has streamlined our supply ordering process to reduce the consumption of cardboard, Styrofoam, and fossil fuels for shipping.

– supports our local licensed wildlife rehabilitators. By supporting them we play an important role in assisting injured and orphaned wild animals in their return to freedom! Visit http://www.wildlifecarealliance.org/ and http://www.swvawildlifecenter.org/ to see more information about these two fantastic groups of volunteers.

– uses paper towels and toilet paper purchased purchased from Green Seal Certified EcoSoft. These products used are made from recycled material and there are no added pigments, inks, dyes, or fragrances. No chlorine bleach or any of its derivatives are used in processing. Read more about green seal certified products at http://www.greenseal.org.

– has converted both radiology departments, dental and whole patient, to digital. Radiographs, or x-rays, play an important role in patient health, unfortunately the chemicals, silver, and water consumption used to create them is not good for environmental health. Digital films eliminate chemical consumption, heavy metal contamination, storage issues, and water consumption. We also recycle old traditional films so the the heavy metals they contain are kept out of the land fill.

– has FUTURE PLANS to transfer all record keeping to computer format to reduce our consumption of paper.

– We have been highlighted by Clean Valley Council in the “Business Spotlight” for our “green” efforts. Thanks to CVC for all they do too!


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